How new PCs help your
business be more productive

If you’re seeking business success, better productivity is a smart way to achieve it. New PCs can be the difference marker, as these powerful tools let your team do more.

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Employee perceptions after an IT upgrade

Boost office productivity with new PCs

PCs are becoming increasingly powerful, efficient and fast. They start-up faster, perform task more efficiently and multitask between different apps with ease. Your staff will also find it easier to collaborate and work together with built-in connectivity.

New PCs are becoming increasingly affordable, delivering more power for less. Buying a new PC might cost even less money than repairing and upgrading older PCs. Besides the cost savings, new PCs offer many productivity gains in both hard numbers and staff morale.

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Match your staff to the right PC

Make it easier for your team and contribute to the success of the business by providing them with the right PC for the job. Here are some suggested matches:

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Office-based workers

All-In-One PCs deliver all the power of a desktop without the tower. It’s space saving while ensuring your staff can get work done as efficiently as possible.

Mobile workers

Ultrabook™ 2 in 1 devices combine the power of a notebook with the lightness and ease-of-use of a tablet. Have it running Windows 8 and Microsoft 365* and they’ll be able to work anywhere. Take notes in client meetings using tablet mode and switch to notebook mode to prepare spreadsheets before uploading it quickly to the cloud.


Tablets with 4th Generation Intel® Core™ processors running Windows 8 might be the perfect match for busy executives. With access to a multitude of applications and the ability to respond from anywhere, it’ll likely prove indispensable to them.

Don’t be stuck with Windows XP

Support for Windows XP will end in April 2014. Once it stops, you’ll no longer receive patches to keep your PCs up to date. That means increased security risks and higher maintenance costs, which can add up.

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