Getting a small
business mobile

To keep pace in an increasingly competitive world, your business needs to run as efficiently as possible. When you allow your staff to be mobile, they’ll be able to work anywhere, anytime.

  1. Connectivity

    Need to send some files to a staff on the way to meeting a client? No problem when they’re mobile-empowered. With proper connectivity, you’ll have no problem reaching your staff wherever they are.

  2. Work Efficiency

    Sometimes your staff need to be outside of the office. Letting them work anywhere saves them time and effort from having to travel back to the office to receive emails, access work folders and conduct business. Overall, there will be less wasted opportunities, delays and lost revenues.

  3. Reducing Travel Time

    With more flexibility through mobility, your staff can move around and work at the same time. If they need to respond immediately from home, they can.

  1. Work From Home Fridays

    When your business is mobile, it lets your team work anywhere. Why not let them work from home? It gives them additional family time, boosts morale and inspires them to work on the move more. With a VPN, your staff can access your files securely and easily from home.

  2. Team Work Space

    Have a team workspace to boost teamwork in your company. Encourage your staff to work together instead of individually at their workstations for better communication and higher productivity rate. It’s also a good way to get them working anywhere. Ensure your staff are equipped with notebooks or Ultrabook™ devices and provide WiFI connectivity to make working together a breeze.

  3. Digital Communications

    Using video-conferencing/instant messaging software such as Skype*, your staff will find it easier to communicate with each other. No matter where they are, they can reach out to each other or to a client. By providing easy paths of communications, it gets your team aware they can work and perform productively anywhere.

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